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My vacation with my dog
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The rules at the campsite

Dogs (except those in category 1 and NAC) are allowed on the campsite, on pitches or in rental accommodation. A few basic rules must be followed for everyone's respect: dogs must be kept on a leash in the campsite, never be left alone in the rental and you must pick up excrement in order to keep the premises clean.

For registration, you must present your up-to-date vaccination record as well as your tattoo number or microchip.

Walks around

Need to stretch your legs? Let's go for a little walk next to the campsite.

You can choose a walk in the forest among the pines, for this, you exit to the left of the campsite and access to the track is 100m on the right. You will have the choice between following the cycle path or going deeper into the forest for more adventure, it is not uncommon to come across a few pheasants or deer.

For a walk between forest and water, you can discover the path along the canal. This canal starts from Lake Lacanau and flows into the Arcachon Basin. For a quiet, uncrowded, shaded and very pleasant walk. 3km from the campsite, access is next to the retirement home.

You can also walk in the Réservoirs de Piraillan nature reserve with your dog on a leash. The Piraillan reservoirs, with a total area of ​​40 hectares, are made up of several bodies of salt water (5 hectares in total) which surround wooded islets of maritime pines. They are home to extremely rich fauna (notably birds, insects, fish, small mammals) and flora.

Finally, for our “swimming” dog friends, Lake Bénédicte is the ideal place. You can go around it and sit on one of the sandy beaches. A place mainly frequented by the inhabitants of Lège and their dogs, this place is ideal for swimming for our canine friends.

My dog ​​at the beach

Please note that outside of the summer months, all the beaches in the Arcachon basin tolerate dogs and you will therefore have no problem enjoying beautiful walks on the Gironde coast, games and swimming with them. In June, July and August, tourists flock to the Arcachon basin, most of the beaches are then supervised and completely closed to dogs, even early in the morning or in the evening.

On the other hand, they are tolerated on ocean beaches outside supervised swimming areas. To avoid comments from certain users, remember to move away from the busiest areas, this is easy because the town has 25km of ocean beach and always remember to pick up excrement. For the comfort of your pet, remember to bring a water bowl and parasol.

The Pilat dune also allows dogs but on a leash. Memorable sunsets are yours at the top of the largest dune in Europe.

Notre camping étant un établissement dans une dynamique familiale et intimiste, mettant l'accent sur le calme et la détente, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de recevoir des groupes.
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