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The artists of the Arcachon Basin
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Actualités : The artists of the Arcachon Basin

The painting

Claude Monnet

Although Monet is most often associated with Giverny in Normandy, he also visited the Arcachon Bay. During his stay in 1883, he created several works, including paintings of the Pilat dune and the edges of the basin.


Une artiste passionnée et amoureuse du Bassin qui l'illustre dans ses toiles au style art déco ! Arcachon, le Cap Ferret, la Dune du Pilat et encore bien d'autres lieux emblématiques du Bassin d'Arcachon, Popette dessine des affiches « vintage » et partage dans ses créations son amour pour le Bassin. Elle dessine que ce qu'elle aime : le Bassin, les vieilles voitures de sport , les pinasses dans l'eau, les avions dans le ciel et puis les femmes, plein de femmes , toutes fines, belles et souvent habillé d'un tout petit rien.

The movie theater

Guillaume Canet

The famous French actor and director is known for his attachment to Cap Ferret. Canet has often spoken of his love for this region, where he spends time with his family and friends.

Guillaume Canet has also been involved in film projects linked to the region. For example, he directed the film “Les Petits Mouchoirs” in 2010, part of which was filmed in Cap Ferret. This feature film features a group of friends on vacation in this beautiful region, exploring human relationships and life's challenges.

Apart from his cinematographic career, Guillaume Canet is also known for his involvement in the equestrian world, actively participating in equestrian competitions. Cap Ferret offers him a haven of peace to recharge his batteries between his artistic projects and his personal passions.

Olivier Marchal

Olivier Marchal is a native of the country. He grew up in La Teste, place Jean Hameau. It was here on the Arcachon basin that he discovered the cinema, and the five-franc screenings, which he could afford after washing dishes in the family pastry shop. La Teste-de-Buch is also an encounter with the theater. His taste for acting came to him with "Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon", a role given by his French teacher for the end of year show. 50 years later, he launched a theater festival, Scènes d'Olivier. For the second edition in the fall of 2023, Olivier Marchal plans to bring together Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Richard, Bruno Salomone, Michèle Bernier, Manu Payet and Patrick Timsit.

The music

Pascal Obispo

The famous French singer and composer is known for his attachment to Cap Ferret. He owns a house on the peninsula. He repeatedly spoke of his love for this place and shared moments from his personal life spent in this region. His property in Cap Ferret offers him a quiet escape, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The artist also expressed how Cap Ferret influenced his creative work. The magnificent landscapes, the Atlantic Ocean, and the unique atmosphere of the place may have played a role in his creative process and inspired some of his songs such as the famous Tombé pour elle.

Jérémy Frérot

Jérémy Frérot is a French singer and musician. He is particularly known for being part of the musical duo “Fréro Delavega” alongside Florian Delavega. However, the duo broke up in 2017, and since then, Jérémie Frérot has continued his solo musical career.

He also opened 2 restaurants in the South Bassin, one at Teste de Buch and a second at Moulleau.


Jean Cocteau

It was in the small oyster village of Grand-Piquey, accessible only by boat from Arcachon at the time, that Cocteau made his first stay from August to October 1917. In these Texas landscapes he joined the Bordeaux painter André Lhote and stays at the Chantecler hotel, then without water or electricity. Georges Auric, Jean and Valentine Hugo will also be charmed by these wild places. Cocteau returned there in 1918, then during the summers of 1920 and 1921 in the company of Radiguet, and again in 1923. He finally introduced Piquey to Jean Marais in 1937 and in the spring of 1939.

Jean-Paul SARTRE

The 20th century was the time of discreet family stays for writers or future writers like Jean-Paul Sartre as a child, who spent his summer vacation in Arcachon in his grandparents' villa and stayed there, more permanently, in 1914. He was then enrolled at the municipal school where the teacher made him sit at a special desk next to the pulpit and, during recess, kept him by his side to keep him "away from the common people"

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