3 ha unique in the middle of nature in the Arcachon basin
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3 ha unique in the middle of nature : 3 ha unique in the middle of nature in the Arcachon basin

Welcome to "Aux couleurs du Ferret", a campsite in the Arcachon basin!

Looking for a quiet stay in the middle of nature?

Here, you are awakened by the singing of the birds, you enjoy your holidays in a green setting surrounded by dozens of species of trees in the heart of a forest of 3ha. You share our passion for nature.

3 ha unique in the middle of nature in the Arcachon basin

Your stay in a preserved area of 3ha in the Arcachon basin

Our campsite Aux couleurs du Ferret is located in a quiet and pleasant environment, an area of 3 hectares. Its proximity to the pine forest and the magnificent ocean beaches, the hallmarks of the Bay of Arcachon, make it a place of remarkable biodiversity. So you can enjoy a stay full of calm and relaxation by sleeping in one of our accommodations. Even if you use your tent or caravan, you will be lulled by the sounds that nature offers.

Lightweight settlements

All the rental accommodation we build is light, dismountable and movable, whether it is mounted on stilts for the wooden cabins or on wheels for the cottages. They respect the nature of the soil without damaging it.

Respect for the place where we settle: let's respect our peninsula!

Respect for the place where we settle: let's respect our peninsula!

We respect the nature of the site, its trees, its natural paths. We set up as lightly as possible. Indeed, there are no tarmac roads, only paths that pass through the trees on the campsite. No earthworks, just piles and light constructions that do not damage the ground. In these conditions, if one day we were to leave this exceptional place where the nature of the Arcachon basin welcomes us, no trace of our passage in this place will be visible.

For the 3 hectares of the campsite in the colours of Le Ferret, as for many structures on the Bay of Arcachon, this philosophy is present in all levels of management of the areas. And yes, we love the nature of Cap-Ferret!

Responsible resource management for a campsite in the Arcachon basin

  • Because water is a precious resource offered to us by nature, water flow reducers are installed and water consumption per camper is displayed.
  • Electricity consumption is also important. That is why low-energy light bulbs and solar lighting are installed.
  • Sorting is a civic act. This is why we encourage its deployment (sorting bins are available at the campsite entrance).

An original landscape treatment

Nature is not domesticated here, it is simply respected. Our green spaces are as natural as when we arrived.

You will spend your holidays surrounded by various trees and plants typical of the Arcachon basin. An unspoilt, "wild" nature! The species of trees and plants that you will meet are the main natural wealth of our campsite. Moreover, we audit our trees and thus guarantee the safety of our customers. The landscape renewal requested by this audit is therefore programmed with local species.

We participate in the regeneration of the soil by recycling leaves and branches on the site. We also use the mulching technique for grass cutting. Our campsites are bordered by hedges of local species.

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