Our environmental values for a natural campsite: let's respect the environment of the Arcachon basin!
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Open from 01/04/2022 to 30/10/2022

Our environmental values : Our environmental values for a natural campsite: let's respect the environment of the Arcachon basin!

We are keen to defend the values that are important to us: a natural campsite. Therefore, our global approach aims at reducing the impact of the campsite on the nature of the Arcachon basin.
Our structure is in the process of obtaining the European ecolabel.

Our environmental values for a natural campsite: let's respect the environment of the Arcachon basin!

Find out more about the actions carried out by the school:

Water management :

In an effort to control energy consumption, water is one of our main concerns. In concrete terms, we equip all our accommodation with a meter to monitor consumption. This monitoring allows us to detect any leaks and to optimise our supply network.

In addition, the sanitary facilities, mobile homes, chalets and cabins are equipped with water savers. The park is watered by a drip system fed by our wells. In this way, we try to preserve the excellent water quality of Cap Ferret.

Water is one of the most important resources, it is the first item in our nature camping approach.

Energy management :

Part of the electricity purchased by the campsite comes from renewable energy sources. We also use low-energy light bulbs. In this way, we can better control our energy consumption.

A large part of the campsite's lighting is powered by solar energy (photovoltaic). In this way, we produce a soft and continuous light, while respecting the environment.

We select electrical equipment (ovens, refrigerators ...) of category A or A+.

Nature management, landscape integration:

In order to ensure the sustainability of our park, the trees on the site are regularly analysed by an arboricultural expert. We maintain and renew the forest, mainly using local species (pine, oak, arbutus, heather, broom).

We also try to diversify our park with plants from all over the world. Preferably non-invasive and useful to ecosystems, these plants are a vast laboratory for the gardens of tomorrow.

In accordance with a permaculture philosophy, we do not use any chemical fertilizers, only natural ones. We mulch the soil every year. In this way, this amendment allows our sandy soil to be more generous.

For our outdoor equipment (cladding of the rentals and buildings, playground, ...) natural materials are preferred (local wood / PEFC). Our paths and car parks are only covered with drainage material, never with bitumen. Indeed, we are only passing through.

All our cleaning products are eco-labelled. Although the cost of these products is higher, they are less harmful to the environment.

Management and reduction of the campsite waste:

We do not print or send out paper brochures. Our campsite is equipped with a selective sorting area. Hazardous waste is collected by specialised recycling companies. Our bed sheets are recyclable (Easytex).

The toilet paper is 100% ecological (made of cellulose fibre from the recycling of food cartons in partnership with Tetra Pack - ref Ecolabel 8811830)


Gentle travel from the campsite:

Our campsite is certified "Accueil Vélo", and we offer you the possibility to rent bicycles on site. This means that you can leave your car behind for the duration of your holiday and discover the charms of the Bassin d'Arcachon and Cap-Ferret by taking the cycle paths!

Buses are also available throughout the town and the Arcachon basin. Thanks to this means of transport, you can go to the beach, the oyster farming villages...


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